Road Blocker, Turnstile & Speed Gate, Biometric Time Attendance Machine, Baggage X-Ray Machine, Walk Through Gate / Metal Detector

In: Security, Surveillance and Access Control System

MAIF-TECH provide the global leading Company of Automatic Bollards, Road Blockers, Turnstiles, barrier gates, Walk-through Metal Detectors, X-ray security screening systems, Explosives & Narcotics Detection, Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems etc. in Pakistan and we design the solution as per customer requirements.

Road Blocker

MAIF-TECH High Security Blocker has been designed to offer uncompromising rugged performance for the most demanding of environments. Designed as the ultimate deterrent against vehicular access the Road Blocker offers rapid performance together with premium site security.

  1. Crash Rated Road Blocker
  2. Hydraulic Road Blocker
  3. Hydraulic Road Blocker

MAIF-TECH mainly focus on the following security systems Automatic Bollards, Road Blockers & Tyre Killers   X-ray Baggage Scanners, Explosives Trace Detector & UVSS Turnstiles, Flap Barriers, Speed Gates.

  • Optical Barrier Turnstiles
  • Optical Swing Barrier Turnstiles
  • Optical Barrier Turnstiles
  • Optical Flap Barrier Turnstiles



Access Control System

The Access control systems are the electronic systems that are designed to control through a network and they should have an access to a network. Access Control System recognizes authenticates and authorizes entry of a person to enter into the premise thereby giving complete protection ensuring security with the system.

The Physical Access Control System (PACS) The Technology is designed for small- and medium-sized businesses to easily secure their people, property, and assets. It’s a complete solution that combines entrance management with native biometrics and video surveillance to provide the information companies require to quickly resolve incidents and to improve safety in and around commercial facilities.

  • Permits only authorized access to pre-defined areas.
  • Identifies individuals or group requesting access, grants/denies access, and records access attempts based on pre-established rules, including by time zone/by calendar.
  • Elevator activation using magnetic/barcode/proximity/smart cards.
  • Provides a comprehensive set of access monitoring procedures administrated by state-of-the-art hardware and software.
  • Attendance of Module
  • Job Costing Module
  • Access Control Module
  • Visitor Module
  • Secure Access Module
  • Messenger Center
  • RFID System Solution

Baggage X-Ray Machine

X-ray baggage scanners are especially designed to meet the main security requirements of airports, customs facilities,border crossings, ports, logistics centers and parcel services. Dual-energy baggage scanners allow the identification of weapons, explosives, drugs, fuses and other dangerous objects that are considered as a safety hazard.

Our rugged, weatherproof X-ray screening products provide inclusive environment screening for military, stadiums, and event security.

Walk Through Gate / Metal Detector

The walk-through metal detector Accurate detection of all metals, high level of discrimination, full compliance with the latest Security Standards and exceptional immunity to external interferences are among the main peculiarities 

Metal Detector

metal detector is an instrument that detects the presence of metal nearby. Metal detectors are useful for finding metal inclusions hidden within objects, or metal object buried underground. 

Searching for gold with a metal detector in Pakistan  is such an exciting and worthy hobby now a days. Here, we are offering a huge collection of gold and metal detectors in Pakistan . These Detector are efficient in prospecting of the smallest gold objects.

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