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Moodle Based Online Examination system

MAIF-TECH Customized the Moodle, Koha, Mahara, Kaltura, Google Technology Stack.

  • MAIF-TECH Customized Moodle with Latest stable release will be used 3.8x. MAIF-TECH provide with multiple theme options to choose from some of them premium, to provide a positive user experience.

  • MAIF-TECH Will be hosted in the Cloud and with optimum latency rates. 

  • Best practices will be followed, especially we need to take the usage of the Quiz engine into consideration as this takes more resources. 

  • Load Balancers will be used to ensure best possible experience. 

  • The security of the Server farm will be maintained using best industry practices.

  • MAIF-TECH Onsite training will be provided, even to the extent personal. In case there are users who require more time to get familiarized with the system. Training will be the key to success of this platform. 

  • Essentially same platform can be used, it depends on the configuration of the paper. MAIF-TECH recommend one platform be used, will make it easier users.

  • MAIF-TECH have been using Moodle for many years.

  • We look forward to demonstrate the platform and engage in a discussion on how to provide the best possible user experience.

  • MAIF-TECH will make sure to restrict Network access to the authenticated students and devices.

  • Confirmed the SEB (Safe Exam Browser) will be used to access the paper.

  • Confirmed we will discuss the organization of the question data bank using categories (System or Course wide).

  • Confirmed we provide shuffling of the questions and also with the options within the questions.

  • Confirmed the Grade setup provides this option of weight and time is specified in the Paper setting.

  • Confirmed this will happen at the time of the paper setting.

  • This is a large-scale deployment and will ensure this load.

  • Customized Servers will cater to the student sessions.

  • The result will to be translated and transmitted through email.

  • Once the format is shared, the result will be transferred.


LMS Learning Management System Concept Technology Royalty Free ...

Ministerio de Gobernación inicia curso de capacitación sobre uso ...

Additional main platform features also be Customized 


  • Live display of activities on a designated LCD screen

  • Multiple reports providing insight to various aspect of the system

  • Comprehensive report on the paper/quiz e.g. 

  • Off Site backup for business continuity/worst case scenarios 

  • A service desk will setup to resolve issues on priority

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