Fire Suppression System & Fire Alarm System

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Fire Suppression System

Fire Suppression Systems are used to extinguish, control, or in some cases, entirely prevent fires from spreading or occurring. Fire Suppression Systems have an incredibly large variety of applications, and as such, there are many different types of suppression systems for different applications being used today. Of these, there are some that are still in use but are no longer legal to manufacture and produce.

Fire Sprinkler System

fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection method, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected.

Fire Alarm System

The Fire alarm system of MAIF-TECH by Honeywell, Menvier and Context plus UK brands.

The Addressable & Conventional Fire Control Panels, Smoke Detectors, Heat Detector, Fire Alarm Bell, Sounders, Manual Call Station, Flashers etc.

  1. Installation and Configuration of fire alarm system.
  2. Programming and Testing of fire alarm system.

Water Type Fire Extinguisher

A very efficient and cost effective method to combat certain type of fires.

  1. Water acts to reduce the temperature of the burning fuel.
  2. Water type fire extinguisher is suitable only for Class A Fires, but not for B,C and D types of fires.
  3. Portable fire extinguishers 9Ltr, 10Ltr.
  4. Singly extinguisher on wheeled trolly 25Ltr, 50Ltr, 100Ltr.

Why Maif-Tech, The Supply of complete range of fire extinguishers and spare parts, FM Approved, Kite Marked, British Standard , CE, EN, Import products.

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